Kirsty Gardiner ~ Ceramic & Fabric Artist, Wairarapa, New Zealand

Kirsty Gardiner ~ Ceramic Artist, Wairarapa,
New Zealand

Someone once told me that inspiration comes in many different forms, and for me that is true.

The last six years' work has been focused on Walter Buller, a famous New Zealand ornithologist, and Lewis Carroll, the father of nonsense literature. I have been creating ficticious birds with references to both men, who were born a few years apart but on different continents. The birds are extinct and make up part of a cabinet of curiosities, and have references to museum collections, ornithological names and historic amphorae.

I worked part time as gallery technician at Aratoi Museum of Art and History in Masterton for 8 years and have exhibited regularly throughout New Zealand since 1997.

My most important acheivements are:

2006 Solo Exhibition "Secret Theatre" Reform Gallery
2007 Solo Exhibition "Fetish" Aratoi Museum of Art & History
2009 Solo Exhibition "Secrets-a-Jar" Aratoi Museum of Art & History
2010 Premier Award The Portage Ceramic Awards
2011 Merit Award The Portage Ceramic Awards
2012 Touring Show, Portmanteau: A Cabinet of Curiosities
Aratoi, Museum of Art & History
2013 Expressions Arts & Entertainment Centre
Te Manawa Museum of Art, Science & History
2013 NZ Potters National Exhibition
2013 Finalist Wallace Awards
2013 Finalist The Portage Awards
2013 Premier Award, The Wairarapa Review, sponsored by the Friends of Aratoi Museum of Art & History
2014 Finalist Wallace Awards
2014 Finalist The Portage Awards
2015 Excellence Award NZSP "Elements" Exhibition
2016 Honourable Mention in The Portage Ceramic Awards
2016 Finalist in the Molly Morpeth Canaday 3D Awards

Kirsty Gardiner : Ceramic artist, Wairarapa New Zealand


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Recent Awards

2013 The Wairarapa Review
"Premier Award"

2011 Portage Ceramic Awards
"Merit Award"

2010 Portage Ceramic Awards
"Premier Award"

Kirsty Gardiner : Ceramic artist, Wairarapa New Zealand

Kirsty with the work that won her the Premier Award in
The Wairarapa Review, 2013, sponsored by the Friends of Aratoi Museum of Art & History

2010’s Portage Ceramic Awards judge, Australian ceramic artist Stephen Bowers says Kirsty Gardiner’s work won because it was distinctly imaginative and well realised.

‘It takes a classic vase-shaped urn and then, literally, opens it up, to reveal a strange and delicate inner world. It shows the narrative, illustrative side of clay. It is like a 3D illustration, a miniature model of a scene from surreal, perhaps slightly gothic and unsettling fantasy story. It references dreams, science, museums, laboratories, mummy jars, collections, nature and metamorphosis (amongst other things). It is quite an intriguing piece, like something straight out of an adult fairy tale."

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