Kirsty Gardiner ~ Ceramic & Fabric Artist, Wairarapa, New Zealand

Kirsty Gardiner ~ Ceramic Artist, Wairarapa,
New Zealand

"I first started potting back in the 80's at art school, and have never looked back. My initial training was in production pottery, working on my wheel and producing mostly kitchenware. Gradually I moved over to sculptural forms, and with this came the change from high fired earthenware to porcelain. Most of the forms are of a domestic nature, but are purely non functional.

My work is influenced by my childhood, natural history, the collections I come into contact with during my work at Aratoi, and life in general.

My solo shows to date are:

Reform Gallery in 2006 "Secret Theatres"
Aratoi Museum of Art and History 2007 "Fetish"
Aratoi Museum of Art and History 2010 "Secrets a Jar"
Aratoi Museum of Art and History 2012 "Portmanteau; a cabinet of curiosities.

I have participated in many other shows over the last ten years, and was privileged enough to win the Portage Ceramic Awards in 2010, and receive a Merit in the same Awards in 2011."


Winner of 2010 Portage Ceramic Awards
"Premier Award"

'Secrets Ajar'
38cm x 23 cm x 70cm
(collection of the Portage Charitable Trust)

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